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Author: Tina Albert

Advise on selecting bookkeeping software

If you are looking for a good bookkeeping software, then you consider Xero Adelaide. One of the best things about Xero is that it is readily available and easy to use software. It not only works online effectively, but it is also mobile competent. It can be used with iPhone IOS operating system as well as Android.

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The study of factors making ‘finance’ a broad term

The feasible method of obtaining the required funds and the account of the way funds are managed are two associated activities that make finance a broad term. Facing a loss, making profits and spending money is part of the process of finance including the way groups and people manage their funds as well as the way of managing to make funds or money. The term finance is very old going back to the traces of the origin of human life on this planet earth. So, it is interesting or important to learn the origin of the term ‘finance’. All the […]

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What is finance? Is it something to make good use of money?

Finance is a field and it is a broad term describing the system & study of money management covering a variety of financial instruments. Finance is defined as the art of money management. In more understandable words, finance is a study concerned with the management of money-efficiency. It is a branch of economics which is as old as people on earth have been living. Finance explains two associated activities: the way of managing money and obtaining the required funds. Personal finance, cooperate finances and public finances are three distinct classifications of the term or the topic ‘finance’. So, when talking […]

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